The Greek Key

There are many names for the Greek Key pattern. These include Greek Fret, Labyrinth, Maze, and the Meander pattern. The latter named after the 250-mile-long Meander River in modern-day Turkey. Its unbroken, interlocking pattern makes it a symbol for infinity or the eternal flow of things. Since it’s a sign of continuation, the symbol is often associated with friendship, love, and devotion.

In the spring of 2000, Joanna and I took a three-week trip to Europe to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. Among our adventures, was a 7-day cruise from Istanbul-to-Athens visiting several of the Greek isles. After finishing the cruise, we spent a few days exploring Athens and its environs.

One morning, after spending some time at the Archeological Museum, we found our way to the Plaka District of the city. Here Ulysses Travel describes the district:  “Situated at the foot of the Acropolis, Plaka is among the most ancient and charming neighborhoods in Athens. Known as the “quarter of the gods,” Plaka is renowned for its narrow, cobblestone streets, vibrant house facades, a variety of traditional shops and restaurants, and its warm, welcoming atmosphere. It’s a delightful labyrinth where one can enjoy getting lost while uncovering the city’s hidden gems.”

In her journal, Joanna describes a Greek Key bracelet we found in one the many shops in the Plaka…

Greek Key JMJ Journal

We even snapped a photo of her sporting the new purchase as the salesperson looks on through the window…

JMJ at Ruby's

Fast forward a few years. On another trip, after passing thru the TSA checkpoint at the Tampa airport, Joanna realized her key bracelet must have slipped off her wrist. We checked with the agents – couldn’t be found. She was heartbroken! At some point later, she bought a replacement. It wasn’t as nice as the original but served as a reminder of our of our time in Greece!

A mere 23 years later… I had a text and photo my granddaughter, Megan. “hey PP!  [the grandkids call me pop-pop, PP for short] I went through my large memory box and found this in my bag of jewelry from granny and decided to add it into my regular rotation! I’m wondering if this has any special story or significance? ”

Meg Wearing Bracelet

I told Megan the story of the lost/replaced bracelet. She replied, “Wow! Thank you!!! Sad about the original bracelet, but I’m glad she replaced it. I noticed today the clasp came undone so I’ll probably stop wearing it constantly to avoid history repeating itself!” 

Crazy as it sounds, I can’t but wonder if there’s a significance to the loose clasp on this replacement. Are the Greek gods sending us a message?

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