For a couple reasons I hit the “pause button” and haven’t posted anything since June 2022.

Upon reading the most recent post, Past Present Future, my eldest granddaughter asked, “Do you have plans to turn your blog posts into print?” I told her that I’d thought of doing that “some day.” I really dreaded the work it would take to get the posts into a publisher-friendly format. Megan’s question planted the seed that maybe sooner rather than later is a better option

After comparing several publishing options, I settled on Barnes & Noble Press. It appeared to be the most economical and easiest to use. Over the summer, I reworked 35+ posts into an MS Word document; uploaded the file along with cover and spine artwork. B&N returned a completed book. I did a couple iterations of that process until satisfied with the product. I then ordered enough copies to give as gifts to the family. My hope is that some of the family history chapters will be passed on and others will inspire active lifestyles.

Pause Book

The other thing that occupied a fair chunk of time this past year was some surgery. A post about that adventure should be ready soon. A couple of trips planned for late winter & spring this year should generate a few paragraphs here.